A Couple of Reviews

I think this may well be the best review I’ll ever get. It’s from the lady who used to babysit for us years ago. She bought a copy of Mrs Darcy versus the Aliens on Friday, sat up most of the night reading it and came round the next day to tell me about it (the note was there in case I was out). What makes her note completely awesome is that she’s made reference to the footnote on page 114. I should perhaps mention that she’s well into her eighties.

And here’s another nice review from Rob Harkess. Protocol dictates that I should mention that Rob is a fellow Proxima author, but I’d like to think he didn’t feel obliged to be quite so nice about the book.

It’s odd. I’m picking up definite pockets of resistance out there from people who have heard about the book but no negative feedback at all so far from people who have actually read it. Although that’s probably because most of the people who have read and commented on it to date are known to me to a greater or lesser extent. However, it should get a bit more interesting this coming Friday, because I’m Skyping with a book group, sixteen of whom have been reading it but only one of whom I know. I guess that’s the point at which I’ll get to hear some home truths…

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