Mrs Darcy, Episode Seventeen

After the gruesomeness (a word which curiously doesn’t seem to be troubling the spellchecker) of the last two episodes, we are now heading back towards the light, as we hear the tale of the Good Ghost. I’d become quite attached to Mary Ann Nicholls, and it seemed a shame to leave her butchered corpse lying around doing nothing.

And that trailer seems to be hitting the right spot, much to my amazement. Austenblog featured it almost immediately, and I believe that Jane Austen Today are also going to be blogging about it this weekend. You are passing it on to all your friends, aren’t you?

(And for all of you out there who are wondering what happened to all the stuff I used to blog about before this Mrs Darcy rubbish started cluttering up the place, I do apologise. The problem is, I haven’t been submitting much lately, what with one thing and another …)

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