Mrs Darcy, Episode Eighteen

Well, no prizes for guessing the main reference in this one, although there’s another slightly less obvious one in there too. Now that the first phase of unpleasantness has been concluded in Whitechapel, the action moves inexorably towards Rosings …

I’m really quite chuffed that people seem to be enjoying that daft YouTube video. Last time I looked, it had clocked up nearly 700 views in less than a week, which I think is rather impressive. If any of you out there have a moment or two, I’d really appreciated it if you could maybe suggest it to the likes of Boing Boing and Mashable. It would be really cool to get into one of those.

And there’s a non-Mrs Darcy post coming up later on today as well. I was going to post it yesterday, were it not for the fact that my web host lost this place for a few hours last night. Easy thing to do I guess.

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