Mrs Darcy, Episode Six

… in which we meet the mysterious Dandy Highwayman, amongst others. I’m wondering at this point if I should be supplying some kind of Cliff’s Notes for this thing, because one or two of the references may be a tad obscure to overseas readers. I’m guessing that not many of them will have heard of Watford Gap, for example, let alone the gastronomic kaleidoscope that is the Little Chef chain. Having said that, it is entirely possible that the more erudite readers will have simply assumed that I was referring to the well-known coaching inn on the same site called “The Watford Gap”, the existence of which I was completely unaware of until I read this article just now. So that’s something I’ve learnt today. I love the internet.

The reference that I thought was entirely obvious – at least until I got my kids (21 and 24 respectively) to read it – was the Dandy Highwayman himself. Not a clue. And these people go to 80’s nights? Oh well.

There was another nice mention for Mrs Darcy on the esteemed “Jane Austen Today” blog yesterday and it’s getting a few helpful tweets too, with the result that the audience is visibly building. The most exciting thing about any kind of project like this is when you get endorsements from complete strangers.

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