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Here’s another of those “persistence pays off” stories. Sort of. I’ve been entering the monthly Global Short Story competition on and off ever since it started, with absolutely nothing to show for my entry fees. I’d actually got to the point where I’d decided that they just didn’t like me there, but in September I thought I’d have just one more go, so I sent them my curious tale of obsessive love, “The Magnolia Bedroom”. That particular story is going to be in this year’s Whittaker Prize anthology, in fact, but I thought it might be nice to give it a public airing before then. And I found out today that it was shortlisted. So I’m pleased to have finally broken my duck there, even if I’m still way down on entry fees …

6 thoughts on “Global Short Story Competition

  1. Hi Jonathan
    Just thought I’d get in touch (sorry for the appalling delay!) to say how much I enjoyed your City of Derby story! I’ve just read it again, (having had another shufti at the site to see if Sara Maitland’s Judge’s Report was there yet …) and the narrator’s voice is so marvellous – it’s funny and touching and entertaining, and thoroughly enjoyable. And also thank you for your various kind comments on ‘Kite’. All much appreciated. I’ll give you my website link when it’s up and running (which will be some time about Feb or March as my editor wants it live about six months before publication (August). I’ll keep you posted.

    And re: your comment that ‘persistence pays off’ – I do agree. After a dozen rejections from agents, and as many from publishers, I’ve got there – and it’s been an unbelievably hard slog but … yes … it is so seriously worth it!
    Keep writing!
    All very best
    Gaby x

  2. Hi Gaby, lovely to hear from you! Many thanks for your kind comments (and I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who keeps going back to the site to see if the judge’s report is there yet). I’ve been telling everyone I know to go and look at “Kite” – it’s a lovely story. If you let me know when your site goes live, I’ll add a link to it.

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