JBWB Autumn Competition

I just found out that I’ve got a “Highly Commended” in each category of this quarter’s JBWB competition. The fiction one is for my not quite ghost story “Unquiet”, and the poetry one is for “The Orange Girl and the Philosopher”. Slightly bittersweet feeling: I know I should be really pleased about this, but on the other hand, I’d quite happily swap one of them for an upgrade to the other one. Ach, I’m being greedy.

4 thoughts on “JBWB Autumn Competition

  1. gaydegani says:

    Hey you, Congrats! Since I’ve had a lot of rejects lately, I’d love to step into your spot! LOL! Isn’t that the way it is? This is so tough because there is this constant up and down. Anyway, I think you and your writing are terrific so keep up the good work.

  2. admin says:

    Aw, thanks, Gay. Don’t worry – I get my share of rejections too. It’s a percentage game, isn’t it? I’ve got several stories that I really love and I really want the rest of the world to see that I just can’t persuade anyone to take on. It’s so frustrating. But on the other hand, some that have failed time and time again have suddenly come up trumps, so it’s worth persisting. And you of all people should definitely keep persisting – take a look at that “Top 10 Stories of All Time” list on EDF if you ever feel in need of encouragement. You’re the only one with two entries in there, remember?

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