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Yesterday afternoon, the French company EDF agreed to buy what’s left of the British nuclear industry for around £12.5bn. Overnight, the American Canadian website EDF (or Every Day Fiction) agreed to buy my flash “Visiting Time” for a slightly lower price.

“Visiting Time” is another graduate of the Café Doom Flash Challenge, and one which went on to be shortlisted in this year’s Fish One Page Story competition. It’s a little more like my usual style than my previous foray into EDF, “Cock Up”, which I still have my doubts about.

I really like EDF. They seem to have managed to create a lively showcase for fiction that transcends the usual artificial boundaries between literary and genre, and judging by the number of comments they get for each piece, they are also gathering an audience. Their sister site, Every Day Poets, is starting up in November, and it will be interesting to see how that one develops. In the light of my recent unexpected new career as a poet, I have sent them something myself, although I fully expect it to be given the thumbs down.

3 thoughts on “Another Day at Every Day Fiction

  1. As a matter of fact, Every Day Fiction is based in Vancouver, Canada. It had never occurred to me that we were sharing initials with a French energy giant…

    You need not have doubts about “Cock Up”, it was very well received, and we’re looking forward to publishing “Visiting Time”. I’m glad you’re enjoying EDF, and thanks for the praise.

  2. My profound apologies! Fixed. And thank you for the praise, too.

    Hang on a minute … what time is it in Vancouver?! Do you ever sleep over there?

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