Luton Workshop

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Just realised, what with catching up on reviews and stuff, I haven’t mentioned my forthcoming workshop in Luton on “unleashing your inner storyteller”. Now I guess there are those who might think that such a thing as an “inner storyteller” should not only remain well and truly on the leash, but should be muzzled at […]


Interview at Lies, Ink

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Today I’m over at Dan Purdue’s excellent Lies, Ink blog being interviewed about what it’s like to have been published for a year and how I’m feeling about embarking on the next phase of my career with “Dot, Dash”. Do take a look. Also, a minor postscript to last week’s Bridport news: my poem, “Choking […]


The Bridport Prize (Again)

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Last time I announced a Bridport shortlisting, it brought an utterly astounding amount of traffic to the blog, so I’m hoping for great things this time as well. Anyway, I heard on Friday that I’d made the shortlist for the short story section of the Bridport Prize for “The Joy Inside”. Now this news should be […]