TAKE IT COOL on Kindle!

Take it Cool Cover with groovesWe’ll kick off this post with some excellent news for those of you out there who suffer from paper allergies: TAKE IT COOL is now available on Kindle, at the very reasonable price of £3.84. And if you’re still hesitating over whether to take the plunge, you can even download a sample to try out, via the very same link. Get IN, as I believe the young folk say.

By the way, in case you’re wondering why the posts are coming a little more sporadically than in the past, blame the Creative Writing MA. At the moment, I’m just about keeping up with it as well as the rest of my real life commitments, but it doesn’t leave a lot of space for stuff like this place. The good news is that I am absolutely loving the course and – so far at least – getting out of it exactly what I was hoping to get.

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