It’s Blog Tour Time Again!

Exciting times here at Pinnock towers! “Dot Dash” is about to hit the streets, and it’s time to organise another blog tour. I put the word out on Facebook and Twitter yesterday and I already have quite a few stops lined up. However, there’s always room for a few more, so if you have a blog and you’re willing to have me as a guest, do leave a comment below. I’ll be very happy either to answer questions or to provide you with a ready-made post. I’m reasonably well-behaved and I don’t think there were any complaints last time. Apart from … well, least said, soonest mended. In any case, those Stain Devils are wonderful, aren’t they?

If, however, the idea of me banging on about how wonderful my new book is bores you rigid, you might like to switch off for a month or so until things die down a bit.

4 thoughts on “It’s Blog Tour Time Again!

  1. Hey Jon,

    I’ve ordered a copy, too. I’m looking forward to reading it.

    I’d be delighted to welcome you back to ‘Lies, Ink’ if you felt like dropping by. Having done an interview (it’s here, folks:, I wonder if a guest post or a sample story / extract might be a good idea? Although I’m happy to think up more questions instead.

    Drop me a line if you’re interested.

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