140 And Counting and Other Stuff

Right then. Got your Kindle handy? Good. Here’s a twitter anthology for you, from the splendid 7×20 magazine. I’m in there, with a twitter haiku, and there’s loads of other good stuff too from a wide variety of tweeters. If you’re in the UK, you can download it here, otherwise you’ll need to go here.

In other news, my good friend Oscar Windsor-Smith has come up with a Christmas present guide which for some reason includes Mrs Darcy versus the Aliens, alongside such other gems as The Archangel and the White Hart. Do you need any more recommendation than that? (He’s also spot on about Vanessa Gebbie’s The Coward’s Tale, which I’ve only just finished and is absolutely wonderful. Make sure you buy that one as well.)

Finally, this year’s Christmas Special for Mrs Darcy has turned into a bit of an epic. The first of two parts may be found here. To make things even more complicated, it’s actually a sequel to last year’s special. Thinking about it, it’s only a matter of time before the word count in the specials outnumbers the original.

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