Now We Are (Practising Safe) Sex

A long time ago, when the kids still needed booster seats for car journeys, we used to pass the time by listening to a wonderful series of cassettes called “Hello Children Everywhere”. These were brilliant compilations of the old stuff that kids of my generation used to listen to on Children’s Favourites.

I say brilliant, but I have to say that after a while a number of them used to get more than a little irritating. Actually, most of them did – with the exception of an utterly amazing track just called “Trains” which sounded as if it had been transcribed from a 78.

But the one that consistently used to set my teeth on edge was this one:

You just don’t get accents like that any more, do you? David Starkey’d probably love it.

I think it was probably this performance that caused me to set my love for A.A.Milne to one side for a moment and write this. Best put your paws over your ears, Pooh Bear. This is grown-up stuff.

(BTW I love the automatic advert that comes up when I view the page. You can’t make that kind of thing up.)

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