“What Stirs the Spring” at The Old Red Lion

Last night I dragged the wife and kids along to The Old Red Lion Theatre Pub in Islington to see Obstacle Productions’ performance of “What Stirs the Spring” and we all had a terrific time. The intimate venue was almost full and we were treated to an exceptionally polished performance by Miles Barden and Joshua Dickinson. I always get a kick out of hearing something I’ve written myself being acted out (“After Michelangelo” in this case) – even if that is tempered by occasional thoughts of “Hmmm, that bit of writing needs tightening up a tad”. I also thought that Oscar Windsor-Smith’s piece “Timelock” was fantastic, and those two old pros Poe and Jacobs came out of it pretty well, too.

The Old Red Lion

4 thoughts on ““What Stirs the Spring” at The Old Red Lion

  1. Best name for a theater ever. I can’t imagine how cool it would be to have something I did made into a play or film. Though I do harbor fantasies of having a short story made into a Hong Kong movie ; )

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