NYC Midnight “Tweet Me a Story” Competition Time Again!

I  think I mentioned last week that I was taking part in NYC Midnight‘s “Tweet Me a Story” competition again. So I duly stayed up until past midnight last Thursday and awaited the arrival of my prompt word, which turned out to be “perfect”. I thought about this for a while, consulted Wikipedia, and came up with three tweets of varying quality and sent them off.

Today the first-stage winners were announced, and I found out that two of my three have made it through to the voting stage in my group. This is one less than last year, when all three of mine made it through, but one of my efforts was a bit pants this time, so no real surprises there.

Anyway, this is the point where I come begging you for your votes. Here are my two tweets:

She seemed perfect: tense but with a passive voice. His mood was imperative, his gender masculine. He offered to conjugate but she declined.


“I want this perfect moment to last forever,” she’d said. But after a century together in the time bubble, he was beginning to annoy her.

(I like the second one particularly :))

To vote, all you have to do is click here, then click again where it says “Click here”, check the boxes against my two tweets and confirm. Last year I was the audience award winner in my group and I made it through to the final. However, during the final, I had a really neat idea but completely tangled the words up, crashing and burning in the process. It wasn’t a complete waste of time however, as two of my entries from the final, suitably revamped, went on to appear in PicFic and Nanoism respectively.

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  1. admin says:

    Many thanks, Simon 🙂 I thought you might have gone in for this one, but I couldn’t see your name in the list of entrants.

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