NYC Midnight “Tweet Me a Story” Contest

Last night I heard that all three of my entries to this contest had been selected in the top 25 for their group. What happens next is that one out of these is chosen by popular vote to go through to the next round (which appears to start at 2AM in the morning, UK time, but we’ll cross that bridge if we come to it). A further four entries are picked by the judges, making a total of five entries going forward out of each group.

Now as far as I can tell, there are no rules against soliciting votes. However, it does seem a tad unethical, so please understand that what follows is purely for information, OK?

Here are my three entries:

She knew how to make an old man smile and get his pulse racing. She also knew not to trigger the heart attack until he’d amended his will.

We watched as the attack took Earth by surprise. The final war lasted barely seconds before the human race was totally devoured by nanobots.

It was a vicious and unprovoked sidelong attack – and from someone who claimed to be a knight as well. But we were all just pawns to him.

And here’s the voting form for Round 19. Just in case. Y’know.

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