Eclectic Flash “Best of 2010” Anthology

Nice e-mail from Brad Nelson of Eclectic Flash last night (quick reminder of editorial staff page at EF for those of you who don’t remember it from last time) to say that my odd little bilingual flash “The Language of Angels” has been selected for their “Best of 2010” anthology. Good to see a strange little piece like that getting some more recognition.

Had a great time at Sparks as usual last night. “Desert Culture” had a bit of a “meh” response, partly as a result of me fumbling the reading a bit and partly because it’s quite a slight piece anyway. But “Advice re Elephants” seemed to go down very well. I think it’s my favourite piece at the moment, and I think I’ll probably read it again at the VWC Open Mic night at The Goat in St Albans on November 25th.

6 thoughts on “Eclectic Flash “Best of 2010” Anthology

  1. Bec says:

    I remember reading your Language of Angels story. Good one!

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