Just One Book 2010

Should have blogged about this a while ago, but it’s still all too relevant. Salt, one of my favourite publishers, are struggling again and need your help. So if you’ve got a moment, read this and then buy one of their most excellent books. Last year I bought collections by Carys Davies and Elizabeth Baines, both of whom were new to me, and this year I’ve gone for David Gaffney’s “Aroma Bingo” (bit of an easy choice, that, given that I loved “Sawn-off Tales”). Might go back for one or two more in fact, now I come to think about it …

I should add that I’m not being entirely altruistic here. I really would like to have someone publish a short story collection of mine one day, and the more people out there who do this kind of thing – and do it with as much style as Salt – the better. I said, I really would like … oh, never mind 🙂

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