Mrs Darcy, Episode Forty

And so Elizabeth returns to Pemberley. Her journey is livened up by a couple of eccentrics, one of whom we have met before and the other of whom we are unlikely to see again, unless I get really desperate. Amazing to think that we have reached forty episodes already, and I’m wondering if I should be preparing some kind of party for episode fifty, as that will mark the halfway stage of the saga. Anyone for jelly and ice cream?

4 thoughts on “Mrs Darcy, Episode Forty

  1. Nicola Slade says:

    When will I learn not to drop in on Mrs Darcy while drinking a cup of tea? This is a particularly fine example of the genre, Jonathan. I’m so glad we’re only half way through!

    * She had been forced to share with a travelling non-conformist entertainer who had insisted on demonstrating how he could keep a ferret down his trousers for as long as it took to recite the opening chapters of the book of Genesis.
    “Ye can always tell when they’re goin’ ter bite yer,” he had explained, “’cos the little buggers give you a lick first. *

  2. admin says:

    Gosh, thanks, Nicola! Really appreciate that – I do sometimes wonder what on earth I’m doing …

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