Risky Regencies

risky-button2 So, today I am very privileged to be guest blogger at the very wonderful Risky Regencies. Apparently I’m not the first bloke to appear on the site; that honour belongs to a cover model. However, I am at least the first male author, which is probably slightly less exciting. I must say that from time to time I do wonder what on earth I’m doing stumbling about in the Jane Austen community, gleefully trashing everything in sight, but I’m quite gratified that they all seem to be good sports. I’ll be fascinated to look at the stats tomorrow to see how many more readers the site has got as a result.

One thing is for sure, though. I wouldn’t have been invited to blog there at all if it hadn’t have been for Twitter. A significant proportion of Mrs D’s core readership have come on board because they’ve been followed by @RealMrsDarcy (including Janet Mullany, the lady who invited me over to Risky Regencies). So the message to all you writers out there who aren’t on Twitter is: what on earth are you waiting for?

[EDITED TO ADD: Nearly forgot. This went up today as well. I may be asking for your votes later on in the month. You have been warned.]

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  1. admin says:

    OK, will do. Thought IfS looked a bit busy yesterday, so didn’t want to intrude.

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