After the Rapture …

steak_biggerThe Rapture is one of my favourite concepts in religion. I’m sure it must be an urban myth, but I read somewhere that there is an American airline that ensures that at least one of the pilots is non-Christian, so that if the Rapture occurs mid-flight, the plane will still have someone on board that can fly it. It would be so good if that were true, though, because it shows an attention to detail that you don’t usually find outside Judaism.

Anyway, I can’t help feeling that the Rapture does pose some serious logistical problems, and my piece that appeared last night on Twitter looks at one of these. Here’s the direct link to it, although you really should be following @tweetthemeat on Twitter anyway, shouldn’t you? What’s Twitter, did I hear you say? Oh, get with the program, Grandad.

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