The Whittaker Prize 2009

… and in fact I came second in the fiction and fourth in the poetry. As far as the fiction is concerned, the excellent Cathy Edmunds grabbed the lead back in Round 3 and clearly wasn’t going to let go of it, so it was always going to be a race for second place in the end. And as for the poetry, well let’s just say that I think I eventually got found out. But I’m still quite chuffed that I managed to fool them for the first five rounds …

So what next? Well, I’ve got rather a lot of stories that could do with a good edit, and there’s also that full-length project that really needs a bit of attention. So it’s not as if I’m going to be idle 🙂

[EDITED TO ADD: Ooh, and I’ve just noticed that I get a free copy of the anthology for coming second. Yay!]

2 thoughts on “The Whittaker Prize 2009

  1. Oh, I do like being called ‘excellent’! Thank you so much, Jon. I honestly thought you were going to walk off with both prizes in the Whittaker at the start. I always knew you were an excellent story teller, but it was fascinating to see the way some of your poetry managed to hit the mark when one or two of the ‘proper’ poets failed. Just goes to show that a good writer will write well in any genre.

  2. Thanks for dropping in, Cathy, and thanks for your kind remarks! It was indeed a fascinating contest. Roll on the next one …

    Did I really say that?

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