Liars’ League: Crime and Punishment

Another excellent night out at the League. My piece, Mathematical Puzzles and Diversions had the honour of kicking off the proceedings, and the lovely Sabina Cameron coped splendidly with the challenges posed by its somewhat convoluted language. Here she is (with apologies for the fuzzy nature of the picture – my wonderful new Samsung phone claims to have a 5 Megapixel camera, but it clearly wasn’t quite behaving itself tonight):

Sabina Cameron

She told me afterwards that she’s planning to use my story for practice. I’m not sure whether I feel flattered by this or perturbed.

The other stories were excellent. In particular, Simon Hodgson’s piece, Thieves We Were contained one fantastic line about a gangster’s car being the colour of day-old blood. Perfect.

I met lots of nice people, including James Burt, who was the only other author present (the others being unavailable owing to living in places like Glasgow, New York and San Francisco – you think they might have made the effort). His piece, Eat at Lovecraft’s, was great fun – listen out for that one when it appears on the podcast.

Amusingly, one of the authors who wasn’t present was Jim Murdoch, whose blog I added a comment to only the other day. The comment was in relation to an interview that he did with Adrian Graham, who I met at the League last time I went, a couple of months back. It’s a distressingly small world …

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  1. Nice of you to drop in, Jim. Last time around, I got the MP3 the following weekend, but I guess it all depends on how busy Katy is. The tone sounded fine to me, anyway, but I’m not the author, so what do I know …

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