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First Stop on the Blog Tour…

… is at Calum Kerr’s Unmitigated Audacity, where I ramble on a bit about what keeps us going as writers. Calum is a top bloke – he’s the one who organised National Flash Fiction Day, and I also reviewed his splendid flash fiction collection “Braking Distance” here.

Also, alert readers may have noticed that PayPal buttons have recently appeared under the pictures of my books in the left hand margin. Yes, I’m now selling signed copies direct from this blog. Mrs Darcy will still have the famous tentacle signature™ but what special signature will Dot Dash have? There’s only one way to find out…

Finally, I’ve just heard that “The Last Words of Emanuel Prettyjohn” (or at least a slightly adapted version of it) will be on the bill at the Liars’ League Treason and Plot event next Tuesday, November 13th. Be there or be square.

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