Vanessa Gebbie and The Coward’s Tale

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OK, I have another treat for you today, so settle down and make yourselves comfortable. This week saw the paperback launch of the debut novel by the stonkingly talented Vanessa Gebbie. I read this book when it first came out in hardback and I absolutely loved it. I think I described it a the time […]


99 Reasons Why

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In case you were wondering, this blog isn’t dead. It’s been resting. But this week, it’s going to spring back into life, ‘cos I’ve got loads of exciting stuff for you. Really, I do. And the first of these is an extract from the lovely Caroline Smailes’ brilliant new book “99 Reasons Why”. It’s actually […]

Mrs Darcy

Better Than A Bunch Of Petrol Station Daffodils!

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Many thanks to the lovely Martha Williams for pointing out to me that Mrs Darcy versus the Aliens would make an utterly brilliant Mother’s Day present (assuming that you live in a country such as the UK where Mother’s Day happens to be this Sunday). There’s just time to order it from Amazon, too! So much […]


National Flash Fiction Day Anthology

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Well, at least it’s less than a week since I last blogged… I’m currently heavily stuck into Project Y, which has somehow made its way up to the remarkable total of 23500 words today. There are a few crucial things that have to fall into place (mainly because it’s a non-fiction project and certain real-life […]

Other people

Just Call Me Stan, He Said

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Hmmm. Where did the last two weeks go? *brushes away cobwebs* *cracks knuckles* Time to get blogging again. First thing to bring to your attention is a tiny blink-and-you’ll-miss-it flash I did for the indefatigable Calum Kerr‘s flash365 project. The idea behind this is that Calum, who amongst many other things is the man behind […]