Guest Post: R.B.Harkess

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Scuse me… Mind if I barge through here? Hi. The name’s Harkess. R B Harkess. I’m a writer. That’s why I’m here. I saw JP’s blog tour for the awesome ‘Mrs Darcy versus the Aliens’ [Why thank you, Mr H – JP] and was so impressed by it I thought I would do one myself. […]

Festivals and Conferences

Get Writing and Other Stuff

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Is it really a week since my last post? Yes, it looks like it is. Ho hum. Well, the good news is that the mysterious Project Y is getting very close to the magic 10000 words and I’m actually beginning to feel quite excited about it. No clues yet as to what it’s all about […]

Mrs Darcy

That Difficult Third Album

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I’ve been a bit quiet, both here and on Twitter/Facebook this last week, mainly because I’ve been trying to get Book #3 off the ground (Book #2 being October’s short story collection, which I will be boring you senseless about in due course). As with all these things, it’s a question of finding a project […]