Authors for Grenfell Tower

OK, very quick post here, because time is short.

BUT you may already be aware that there is a charity auction under way for the benefit of the Grenfell Tower victims (in particular, you may have heard of what’s going on in the bidding for Philip Pullman’s lot – lovely).

There’s loads of amazing stuff that you can bid for, and I hardly need emphasise what a good cause it’s all in aid of.

I was a bit late off the mark in putting up something I could do, basically because I was a bit overawed at all the famous authors there and I couldn’t think of anything I could offer that people might want to bid for. And then I thought of something.

So here we go. If you bid for my lot, I’m offering to build a personal website for you. This page tells you a bit about the kind of thing I can do and why, along with some links to some sites I’ve already done. I don’t think they look too shabby. The site would be built using WordPress, using off-the-shelf themes and plug-ins, but if you need anything slightly unusual, I’ll be happy to throw in a custom plug-in or two as well (there’s one in use on this site – see if you can spot where it is).

And I’ll also chuck in a bundle of signed copies of my books (excluding PROFESSIONAL DCOM APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT, because (a) I haven’t got any spare copies left and (b) you really wouldn’t want it).


Get bidding then! Because it closes tonight at 8PM BST!

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