Around the Block

every-day-fictionA little piece of mine about writer’s block (well, sort of) went up today at Every Day Fiction. So far, it’s pretty much the highest-scoring piece I’ve had there – in fact at the time of writing it’s in the all-time top 10, although on past experience the score will drop a bit over time.

As I mentioned when I had the piece accepted, it goes back quite a while – to my first phase of attempting to be a writer, in fact – so it’s doubly nice to see it doing so well. I did of course have to update some of the references – the bit about social networking and Twitter hashtag games originally referred to Minesweeper tactics, for example. Oh, how I used to love Minesweeper …

I think it’s quite a good example of how EDF can be a good home for pieces that wouldn’t fit in elsewhere, because it’s not a genre piece and it’s certainly not literary. But I’d like to think it deserves an audience.

Now what I really should be blogging about is the wonderful time I had at Get Writing on Saturday. But that will have to wait until the next post but one.

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