Mrs Darcy, the Epilogue

So with this unexpected and frankly rather intriguing epilogue, “Mrs Darcy versus the Aliens” comes to a close – not, however, without leaving the door open to the first of many sequels.

What an extraordinary year it’s been for Mrs D (I was about to say “journey”, but I stopped myself just in time). When I put the prologue up on December 16th last year, I had absolutely no idea whether or not it was going to fly. I had enough written to keep things going for about three months, which I reckoned would give me enough time to take a decision on whether or not to continue writing. Much to my surprise, I did get sufficient interest to keep it going and here we are at the end.

One day soon I’ll write a much longer post on how it all happened, what worked and what didn’t and what I’d do differently if I had to go through it all again. But that will have to wait until after Christmas, because someone somewhere seems to have just pressed the fast-forward button in my life and I’m struggling to keep up. I hate it when they do that.

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