Love Story, Year 1

picficWith this, my tenure as PicFic’s featured writer draws to a close. Bit of a bittersweet ending to the story, but I think he had it coming. It was an interesting little experiment and I’m really grateful to Jessi Graustein of FoldedWord for making it possible.

One of the things I’ve enjoyed most – and continue to enjoy most – about writing over the last few years is trying new things, whether it’s working with new forms such as TwitFic or performing work in places like Sparks or writing pieces to go with artworks (more about that anon) or whatever else. It really isn’t just a case of sitting down and writing stories in a vacuum. It’s so much more exciting than that. Everything is different.

2 thoughts on “Love Story, Year 1

  1. Thanks, Simon. Maybe next time the arc of the story will have to be “Boy meets girl”, “Boy loses girl”, “Boy gets girl back again” then. Although that’s a lot to cram into four tweets …

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