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eSpiral_blu_120Another one of my stories went live on Ether today, “The Amazing Arnolfini and His Wife”, which you may or may not remember was the one that was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 back in August. I just took a look at the Ether website and I see that their “Our Authors” page has been updated and now includes a mugshot of yours truly, on the same row as Alexander McCall Smith and Paul McCartney, and just below Hilary Mantel. (Yes, I know it’s just because it’s in alphabetical order, but let me enjoy the moment, OK?)

So, all you people with iPhones out there, please make my day and buy my stories, for a mere 59p each! Rather amazingly, according to the Ether home page, my other story, “Convalescence”, seems to be currently one of their bestsellers. Here’s a link to the Ether app in case you haven’t downloaded it yet. And if you haven’t got an iPhone, do you need another reason?

4 thoughts on “Another One on Ether Books

  1. Congrats on being in such a great place in the alphabet – and on the Ethernet success of course. Realise I should have thought more carefully before marrying into the letter B. 😉

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