Slingink Poetry Prize

Slingink Logo WPI found out yesterday that I’d been shortlisted in the poetry section of the the inaugural Slingink Prize for “Imitation of a Suicide”.

I have to admit that I was in two minds whether or not to stay in this contest after it was announced that there weren’t enough entrants to fund the prize money – and in fact my initial reaction was to withdraw. But then I felt bad because both judges agreed to stay on anyway and I was also impressed by the way that the entry fees were refunded immediately so I decided to stay in. And I’m now glad that I did.

In the interests of full disclosure, I should also say that I failed to make the shortlist in the fiction section altogether. But that’s the way it goes with competitions; to paraphrase the excellent words of the judge, Sally Quilford: you win some, you lose some. Huge congrats to everyone who made it, though.

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  1. Thanks, Sallie! I think the list of people who crash and burn in a lot of competitions would make fascinating – and in many ways reassuring – reading.

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