trapeze magazine

trapeze_magazine_biggerGot an e-mail yesterday from the estimable Kaolin Fire to the members of the Twitfic forum asking if we were still interested in continuing with the forum. This prompted me to visit the place for the first time for a while and I discovered that a new e-zine called trapeze magazine (@trapezemag) had recently started up and was looking for ultra-short pieces. I took a look at their submission guidelines and was particularly attracted by the fact that they offered a 24 hour turnaround and didn’t give form rejections (wonder how long that’ll last :))

So I immediately sent off an old favourite of mine that very nearly made it into Weird Tales a while back (and was then rejected, nine months after submission) and this morning I received my acceptance, with a proposed publication some time in August. Moral: always take a few minutes every now and then to keep in touch with those forums.

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