Mrs Darcy, Episode Thirty-Three

Following Wickham’s intervention with the super-soaker, chaos reigns at the Rosings dinner table. When I was writing the denouément at the end of today’s episode, I knew there was something missing, but I couldn’t put my finger on what it was until it struck me that it was the ideal opportunity to use the greatest cliché phrase in all sci-fi literature. And that became the title for the episode as well.

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks. Looking at the stats, I see that the daily hits for are now regularly outstripping, but that the overall number of unique IP addresses is lower. I think that this, combined with the fact that far fewer of Mrs Darcy’s hits are from the – ahem – Russian Federation, suggests that there are indeed quite a few genuine regular readers out there. Oh, and hi to all the spambots who drop in on this place, too 🙂

4 thoughts on “Mrs Darcy, Episode Thirty-Three

  1. stu says:

    I am not a spambot, I am a free… something. Sorry, the trailers for the prisoner have been on again.

  2. admin says:

    Ha. That’s one re-make I’m really dreading.

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