Mrs Darcy, Episode Twenty-Five

No sex here, but we’re back to drugs and a brief glimpse of rock’n’roll as Lord Byron corrupts the two young ladies with his evil cheroots. So much so that they fail to appreciate the significance of something rather important.

2 thoughts on “Mrs Darcy, Episode Twenty-Five

  1. Nicola Slade says:

    Dear God, what IS going on in your mind, Jonathan? I just frightened the cats by screaming with laughter again. (And do we get to see Mr Wickham getting up to any cottaging at all? Hampstead Heath, perhaps?)


  2. admin says:

    Believe me, I wonder myself sometimes, Nicky 🙂 But there is a logic to it all. As for Mr Wickham, well, we’ll have to see what transpires. He will make another appearance in about a week’s time …

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