The Right-Eyed Deer Once Again

My short poem “Instinctive Behaviour” (essentially the story of the Titanic disaster told from the viewpoint of the Captain’s pet rat) has been accepted on its first outing – which means that every single poem that I’ve ever written for the Café Doom Flash Challenge has now found a home. To be fair, I’ve only written five for the challenge since I switched from writing prose flashes, but it’s still nice that they’re not sitting around doing nothing.

This, incidentally, brings the hit count for poems up to 15 for the year, whilst the stories are at 20, which makes a total of 35 so far – two less than last year’s total. And (he says tapping his nose) there might just be one more to add later on this week. Watch this space …

6 thoughts on “The Right-Eyed Deer Once Again

  1. Gay Degani says:

    Wow… You are so productive. Congrats!

    I need to get my shit together. I’m only at three published and two pending.

  2. admin says:

    Thank you, Rachel and Gay. (And I wouldn’t worry too much, Gay – your quality will beat my quantity every time …)

  3. Gay Degani says:

    Whoa Jonathan. Thank you. That’s pretty sweet. Made my whole day, but Jon, you’re work is stellar. What we like to read is very individual. Many out there would disagree. You know? But as I said you made my day.

    The time we dedicate to our work, that’s the path and I’m working on it. You help me to focus on what’s important. DOING the work.

  4. Gay Degani says:

    BTW, apologies for the lack of clarity in the above message. Errant fingers. Errant brain. I never know what to say when someone says something nice to me.

    Jon, your work is stellar. People disagree about whose pieces are strong and whose are not. It’s a matter of personal taste. Not everyone likes what I do. But as I said you made my day.

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