Opening the Box

There’s a piece of mine up at Every Day Fiction today, called “Opening the Box”. I wrote this one in response to a challenge to write a piece from an animal’s point of view. I was about to say that this isn’t the kind of thing I do at all, but it’s just occurred to me that I have in fact had talking dogs in one story and a conference of trees in another, so maybe I shouldn’t try to be too superior here. However, I would like to claim that it is a little different from your average cat POV story. More information on the imaginary cat in question here.

3 thoughts on “Opening the Box

  1. Natalie L. Sin says:

    Ah, the amazing alive-dead cat! Can’t wait to see where the kitty in your story stands ; )

  2. admin says:

    Thanks! I guess the kitty’s still waiting for the waveform to collapse 🙂

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