Choose What You Read

I picked up on this excellent FT article via James Burt’s always entertaining blog. As it happens, I’ve been commuting into London a lot more than usual lately, and the way that the bloody free papers seem to have taken over the world astonishes me. I find it absolutely extraordinary that people who are prepared to put up with massive rises to their fares every year will avoid spending a single penny on something more worthwhile to read than Metro or London Lite. It’s probably one of the first signs of the end of civilisation, y’know.

2 thoughts on “Choose What You Read

  1. Gordon Darroch says:

    And on the same page of James Burt’s blog, there’s a link to an article on the creator of Comic Sans, who looks strangely familiar somehow…

  2. admin says:

    I’m trying to work out who he reminds me of … but whoever it is, it’s a nice article, too. Missed that one. And welcome to this place, Gordon!

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