One of my favourite stories (OK, I know I say that a lot, but I’ve got a particular affection for this one), “The Birdman of Farringdon Road”, has just been accepted by Litro. I was trying to think of how to describe Litro, when it struck me that it was a kind of monthly literary version of Metro (the free newspaper handed out to London commuters). At this point, I realised (d’uh!) that this is of course exactly why it’s called Litro. Sometimes I am very slow.

Anyway, it will be appearing in the March edition, which has the theme of “London’s Underbelly”. I think I’m going to have to arrange to visit a client in London on that day just to see it cluttering up the Tube. Or even to catch someone reading it. Now there’s a thought.

In other news, my very talented VWC chum Jenny Barden has made the shortlist for the extremely prestigious Willesden Herald Competition. This is all the more remarkable for the fact that Jenny does not do short stories. I have a feeling that she may be writing a few more now.

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