The Birdman of Farringdon Road

After reading this post at the Digital Fiction Show, I was afraid that there wouldn’t be any copies of Litro 84 left by the time I got into London today. But I guess it takes a little while to shift 100000 copies, and there were indeed a few left in Foyles in Tottenham Court Road. I had it all planned in my head what I was going to say at the counter:

Me: How many of these can I take?

Glamorous assistant: Sorry, you’re restricted to only one copy.

Me: Even if I’ve written one of the stories in it?

Glamorous assistant (fluttering eyelashes): Really? How exciting!

But in the end, she was busy with another customer, so I grabbed two of the three on the counter and shuffled out. I still haven’t really got the hang of self-promotion.

Still, “The Birdman of Farringdon Road” is now in the hands of up to 100000 readers, which is rather cool – especially as it’s one of my favourite stories. I said a little about where it came from in my recent interview at the Digital Fiction Show, so the only thing remaining is to answer the question: why Farringdon Road? Easy. It’s got a nice rhythm to it. These things matter.

5 thoughts on “The Birdman of Farringdon Road

  1. Jon, that is amazing! Congrats on your getting your work in that publication. Print publications are tough but one with that type of distribution is even harder. Get a frame for it!!

  2. Thanks, Casey – I most certainly will get one 🙂 (and thanks for dropping by!)

  3. Hi Jonathan, as one of the fellow writers in Litro 84 would just like to say how much I enjoyed your story, thought it was excellent. As someone who lives in Newcastle though I am yet to get a copy of it myself, which is most frustrating as it’s my first publication. Would be up for buying a copy from you if you have a spare one? Lol, can’t quite believe I’m saying that, but would be grateful if you got the chance to perhaps email me advice on getting a copy. Thanks, Guy

  4. Hi Guy! Many thanks – I enjoyed your piece, too. I picked up a couple of extra copies from Foyles in St Pancras on the way home, so if you e-mail me your address I can send them to you. My e-mail address is over here on the left somewhere.


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