Tasty Teresa

For reasons best known to themselves, Every Day Poets have chosen to celebrate World Poetry Day by publishing “Tasty Teresa”, my tale of love, loss and butchery.

This one started off with three lines that appeared to me in a vision one day:

for they found Teresa
in dum-de-dums freezer
in convenient, family-sized joints

It took me ten years to construct the rest of the poem around them.

Incidentally, around the same time, I came up with this fragment, in a similar rhythm:

… I finally met Mr Big:
he was in a jacuzzi,
stroking an Uzi
and a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig

This is still defying my attempts to complete it, which may be no bad thing.

2 thoughts on “Tasty Teresa

  1. Constance says:

    Nice to know someone else has lines that haunt for years, until they build a poem around them. Wonderful poem, Jonathan.

    Well done humor in poetry is always appreciated. But trust me, I’ll never stay for dinner at your house…

    (I want to see the poem that comes from that second snippet. It begs to be told.)

  2. admin says:

    Many thanks, Constance! And you’re welcome for dinner any time (mwahahahaha …)

    TBH, I’d like to see the poem from that second snippet too. So maybe I’ll give it another try one day.

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