Pitching Practice

So this is where I’m off to tomorrow. Should be a lot of fun – certainly the last two years have been. And this time around there will be agents there. So I’m currently practising my pitch. And believe me, I need all the practice I can get – I am a lousy salesman.

And to fill up a bit of space, here’s a video of one of my favourite singers, Robyn Hitchcock, talking about the album I’ve been playing all week:

Go and buy a copy. Now. It’s gorgeous.

3 thoughts on “Pitching Practice

  1. AliB says:

    Hi Jonathan – good luck with the pitch. Even if you don’t succeed you’ll be one up on me. I have yet to see an actual agent in the flesh. I hope they really do exist.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks! It was a fun day. Well, I’ve met a few agents now (both here and at the Winchester Writers’ Conference – highly recommended, BTW), and they’re human like everyone else. Just a bit busier and much, much harder to get hold of.

  3. AliB says:

    Re Winchester, the timing has never been quite right for me, but if I can get my WIP in a fit state, this could be the year. I’m emptying out my piggy bank right now.

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