Gene Genii Anthology Now Available

In all the excitement of the last few days, I forgot to mention that the Gene Genii Anthology is now available at all good bookstores. This anthology is the result of a flash charity event held by The Grail writers’ group a while ago. I didn’t actually take part in this one, but I was asked if I’d like to contribute anything afterwards, so I offered them a rather tasteless little flash entitled “Interior Design” and another one called “Interview with a Zombie”, both of which they accepted. The latter was, incidentally, rejected by the “Bits of the Dead” anthology for being “too cheeky”, so if cheeky zombies are your thing (and why shouldn’t they be?), this book is just for you. Quite apart from my efforts, there are loads of good pieces in there from some really excellent writers AND it’s in a good cause (one all too close to the hearts of a couple of the people involved, in fact), so why not buy a copy for someone you love this Christmas?

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