Normal Service is Resumed

Apologies for going slightly spEak You’re bRanes in my last post. As this increasingly bizarre story has unfolded over the past few days, it’s become quite clear that there are some darker forces at work here, and almost involved seems to have their own agenda, apart (of course) from the saintly Andrew Sachs. That’s the problem with Real Life – it’s always far too implausible, and usually comes to an unsatisfactory conclusion.

So normal service resumes. The schedule for the first-ever month of Every Day Poets has now been released, and I’m on Day 3. I also feel just a little overawed to be on the same bill as Vanessa Gebbie, who has just been shortlisted for the Bridport Poetry Prize. I don’t know much about her poetry (actually, let’s be honest, I know bugger all about poetry, full stop), but I’m guessing that you may find that our styles are ever-so-slightly different.

2 thoughts on “Normal Service is Resumed

  1. K.C. Ball says:


    FYI. This was part of my post this morning (it’s 0547 Friday here in Seattle) on the new Every Day Poets site.

    “A couple of my favorite writers have poems to present in this first issue.

    Jonathan Pinnock’s School Uniform will be available to slip into on November 3; I have hopes that Jonathan’s poetry is as droll as his fiction. He blogs at Jonathan Pinnock’s Write Stuff.

    And Erin M. Kinch, who rocked Every Day Fiction on October 25 with A Million Faces, will offer Inspiration on November 22. Erin’s dynamite blog is at Living the Fictional Dream.

    I have a poem in the first issue, too. Murphy’s Flaw is epic poetry that presents the adventures of one Obadiah Murphy, a competitive drinker of prodigious appetites and capacity. Murphy will lift a glass on Monday, November 10.”

  2. admin says:

    Hi, K.C., and welcome! I noticed the link coming in from your blog this morning, in fact, and I was going to drop in on there at some point to thank you. Anyway, many thanks for the mention. I shall look forward to reading your poem, too!

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