Eurofiction’s Back! (or the Masochism Tango continues)

Has a year really gone by since the last Eurofiction started? Well, I guess it must have. Doesn’t time fly when you’re enjoying yourself, eh? So it all kicks off again at SlingInk on October 1st, nicely dovetailing with the last round of the Whittaker.

The only question is whether or not I really want to commit myself to another rolling competition (ten prompted pieces over twenty weeks). Y’see, it’s about time that I sat down and wrote a proper, full-length (I can hardly dare to say the word) novel. It’s all very well having these one-night stands with story ideas that you pick up in some sleazy internet forum, but it’s really about time that I grew up and showed some, y’know, commitment.

And yet … last year’s Eurofiction was a massively creative experience, and most of the longer stories that I’m currently touting around arose from it. The judging is as eccentric as you’d expect, given that upwards of fifty stories have to be judged and graded every two weeks, but that’s part of the fun (and my sole round-winner last year was spectacularly controversial, setting in chain a sequence of events that led to one of the other contestants either flouncing off in a huff or being banned – we never did quite work out which).

So I guess I’m up for it, then. Anyone else fancy joining in?

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