Yes, Politicle. Sort of Wordle for politics nerds. Basically, every day you get a new constituency to guess. You get told which party won the seat in the 2019 election and what the majority was. After each guess, you’ll be told how close you were in miles and in which direction.

You get six goes and then that’s it.

In 2019, today's constituency was won by the DUP with a majority of 12721.


  • How did you program it? I basically used the standard reverse mullet model – JavaScript party at the front, PHP business at the back.
  • Yes, but why WordPress? Because my site runs on WordPress is the simple answer. Didn’t make things easy, though.
  • Where did you get the data from? Constituency location data from ONS, 2019 results from Britain Elects, New Statesman, ODI Leeds and the distance and bearing calculation from Movable Type Scripts.
  • What took you so long? Hasn’t the bandwagon rolled out of town already? Probably, but I was writing a book at the time. Sorry.
  • Have you done any other games like this? Yes! Novle, for literary types.
  • How can I reward you for providing me with so many hours of entertainment? Honestly, if you want to do anything, send a few quid to Ukraine via the Disasters Emergency Committee. Their need is way greater than mine.
  • But if I really want to? OK, buy one of my books then. More details here.
  • Would you entertain an offer from the New York Times? Of course I would. Are you mad?
  • How about The Daily Mail? Yes, but I should warn you that I would be obliged to give, very publicly, 10% of my fee to the most woke charitable organisation that I could find.
  • What about The Sun? Oh, FFS. Just don’t.