Heron Issue 5

Way back in March I had an e-mail from Folded Word, asking me if I’d like to write issue 5 of their occasional broadside Heron. Folded Word are the people who produce PicFic (regular readers may remember this, as well as this) and I like their quirky approach to finding new ways to present fiction and poetry, so I was really pleased to be asked.

Last week I finally submitted my piece to them, entitled “Ultima Thule”, and to my relief they liked it. So watch out for Heron #5, which will fly in some time in October.

In other news, Mrs Darcy is now only three weeks away from publication. Eek. Amusingly, it’s been nominated for the Guardian’s Not the Booker Prize, so if you fancy voting for it (and why not?) here are the instructions. In the meantime, Wickhampedia rolls on, with a short article on Lord Byron. Well, what did you expect?

2 thoughts on “Heron Issue 5

  1. Vanessa Gebbie says:

    Three little weeks away from publication? O Lord, we must flee. Cynthia, drag down the chests, fast. No, dear, not like that. Trunks. Carpetbags. Pack my smalls if you will, and tell Smithers to take the landau post-haste to Newhaven and book us a cabin on the very next packet. And don’t forget the smelling-salts.

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