Mrs Darcy, Episode Eighty-One

Whoops. Not only is Episode 82 late in arriving, but I haven’t even got around to blogging about Episode 81. That’s what comes of trying to keep to a schedule when you’ve also got the Slingink Scribbling Slam and the TWIWrite Zone to produce stuff for – to say nothing of real life and the day job poking their respective noses in.

Anyway, in this episode, we meet Lord Byron again and Elizabeth gets sorted for ease. The inspiration for this one lies in a soirée that Mrs P and I attended at the Jane Austen festival a couple of years back where we turned out to be the only two not in period costume and were thus feeling more than a little awkward. The chap who was announcing the order of events kept telling everyone to “take their ease” and I remember thinking that I wasn’t quite that desperate to lose my inhibitions, but thanks all the same.

I think we should perhaps move swiftly on.

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