The Wrong Thing to Say

fifty-two_stitchesSpeaking of mash-ups … my contribution to this year’s Fifty-Two Stitches project went up today. It’s called “The Wrong Thing to Say”, and it originally arose from an internal competition run by The Write Idea under the title of “The TWIWrite Zone”. The prompt for the round in question was “In the name of the Father” – although it went off at a bit of an odd angle after that. I should perhaps warn readers likely to be offended to look away now – but if you’re made of sterner stuff, here it is. Enjoy.

Incidentally, three out of the six entries to that competition have now found good homes, which is a decent hit rate. I’m now wondering whether or not to commit myself to this year’s, which starts in September. Could do with some more material, although I really need to sift through the debris from this year’s Whittaker Prize and decide what to do with that first.

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