Blue Hyacinths

Blue Hyacinths Just got an e-mail to tell me that “Blue Hyacinths”, the anthology from last year’s Excel for Charity / Diversity House poetry competition has been published, containing my poem “In Giza”. I’m quite proud of “In Giza”, because it’s one of my first attempts to write a proper, straight poem without going for laughs (not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course). You can order copies of the anthology here.

Incidentally, as chance would have it, we were in Giza last November and it was interesting to see how little it has changed since my first visit there. Considering that it contains the only one of the seven wonders of the world still standing, it’s still a bit of a dump. Karnak, on the other hand …

4 thoughts on “Blue Hyacinths

  1. Jeremy kelly says:

    That’s s great looking cover. It’s going to look good on on the shelves.

  2. Oscar Windsor-Smith says:

    Jon your bookshelves must be groaning. Time to move soon for more library space (own publication section). 😉

    Congratulations, matey.

    🙂 scar

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