The Miracle at Hightop Farm

A few weeks back, I noticed that one of the guys I follow on Twitter was tweeting about a project to do with the twelve days of Christmas, so I followed the #12days hashtag around (as you do) and tracked down the guy who was organising it, Jim Wisneski. At the time, he had already got a writer lined up for each of the twelve days, but a few days later he decided that he might as well double up and have two stories each day. At which point I threw my hat into the ring and – for no particular reason – grabbed “Eight Maids a-Milking”.

I’m not sure that I entirely understand the resulting story, “The Miracle at Hightop Farm”, but I think I quite like it. However, you should be warned that calf worship is a dangerous and illegal activity and subject to extreme penalties should you be caught in the act.

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